Animal Fun Fact Friday: Chickens Like What?!?!

I don’t know how you feel about chickens, but I think they are funny fuckers and they almost make up for the trust issues I have about most other birds. (They dont blink and their constant twitching puts me on edge…I’m talking to you pigeons!)

Anyways, I often look up videos and facts about chickens and dream about the day I have a farm of my own and there are chickens everywhere I look. This is how I learned the best fact I will ever learn about chickens: THEY LOVE TO SWING! I mean love it. “Put a chicken near a swing and it will swing” is how the saying goes. OK maybe that’s not a saying but watch this video and you will want it to be too.

Side note: make sure your volume is on for this video because a woman narrates it AS IF SHE’S THE CHICKENS. God, I love the Internet.



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