Anything But Average Animals: Fiona The Baby Hippo

Ever since watching the 1993 classic, Free Willy, as a wee young tot, I have lived in a reality where any animal can become my pet if I just try hard enough. (P.S. Jesse, you did the right thing by letting him go, but that moment could still make me bawl my eyes out on cue…you’re a good guy, Jesse.) Fast forward to 1994 when I was making it a daily (more likely an hourly) point to convince my dad that our bathtub was indeed big enough to house a sea lion just like Andre. It was based on a true story, after all! (Parents are forever unreasonable, aren’t they?)

Fast forward yet again to present day where my father is thankful he is off the hook for denying my “can I please keep this duck I found” requests and that task instead falls on my sweet didn’t-realize-what-he-was-getting-into boyfriend, Ryan. “No, Holly, the fox you saw in our yard cannot come inside and be like a real life Fox and the Hound with our dog”. “Yes, you can get a cat. No it cannot be a Bobcat or a tiger or anything else that wants to kill us.” “No, I don’t believe that you can train it to not want to kill us.” (God, Ryan, LIVE A LITTLE.)

While I will never stop asking (and actively trying…) to befriend and adopt unusual animals, I have accepted that the reality I live in is not in fact a Disney movie and that I may never just stumble into a baby Wolf in the woods that is in desperate need of love. Instead, I spend a lot of my free time and sleepless nights thinking of these animals and scouring the depths of the internet for videos of these magical creatures.

Animals are the best things about this crazy world we live in and if you don’t agree with that statement then just go to hell right now. With that said, I bring you the first installment of Anything but Average Animals.

I’ve been on somewhat of a baby hippo kick lately, because let’s face it, who hasn’t?! After a long, taxing day at work the other day, I just needed some joy in my life. This led to my search for: “baby hippos doing amazing things”. My search did not disappoint.

I present to you ‘baby Fiona the hippo taking her first steps’. If you cry easily I suggest waiting until you are in a private place to watch this video and read her story.



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