Bayley Defeated Charlotte on #RAW To Become The New Women’s Champion


It’s been a great two days for WWE superstars looking for their first singles championships. On Sunday night, Bray Wyatt won the Elimination Chamber and attained his first singles title. Last night, Bayley defeated Charlotte to win her first title as well. The women had easily their best match together on the main roster, and the Las Vegas crowd made the moment even more special for Bayley. While they headlined the show, I’m glad that it wasn’t as hyped as previous matches between Sasha and Charlotte. While it’s true that this current crop of ladies are changing the way we view women’s wrestling, when WWE  continually references something as historic and groundbreaking, it can get a little stale. Last night they slotted Bayley and Charlotte in the main event, and instead of trying to force the crowd to have a specific feeling, they let the women do their thing inside the ring, and the result was magical. Congrats to Bayley on a much deserved win.



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