Captain Nintendo Dude is waiting in line for a MONTH for the Switch

For those of you who don’t know Captain Nintendo Dude (CND), he is a YouTuber who makes content around Nintendo and Nintendo games. He’s an all-around pleasant dude who makes quality content that he is legitimately passionate about. I just discovered his channel about a month ago, so I had no idea what he is capable of when it comes to his beloved Nintendo….until now.

That’s right, this crazy Mofo (in the most endearing way possible) is waiting outside the Nintendo Store in New York for the launch of the Nintendo Switch. At eye-level that’s not too crazy. I once waited overnight for the Wii, so I get it. But the Switch doesn’t come out until March 3. For those of you reading this in the future, that’s one month away from the date this blog was posted. Kind of crazy, but I’m not going to hate on this level of passion.

Oh, and he’s not alone. He’s teaming up with renowned Nintendo-system-outside-line-waiter guy, Triforce Johnson. His full legal name is Isiah Triforce Johnson (although I like the name I gave him). Here’s a cool video done by Polygon on Triforce and his story. Triforce is known for being the first in line for new console launches eight times (Guinness record) and now he is passing the ceremonial torch, or in this case, folding chair, to CND.

Below is the video CND put out yesterday, the second video in this series, commemorating the start of countdown.

As you might have seen in the video, or if you didn’t watch it, they can’t actually stand outside the store for the entire month. The block is owned by Rockefeller Plaza and they have a strict no loitering policy. But, there are ways around it. For one, they only stand and hang out during store hours. And two, they can stand across the street, which is not owned by 30 Rock. Triforce, having done it eight times previously, is no stranger to the wait.

If you’re in NY and you want to show your support, or call them idiots, you’ll know exactly where to find them.


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