Tom Brady Attempted To Have The Final Say On Deflate Gate In A New Foot Locker Commercial

If someone were to take a bet and try and pick the company who would be able to get Tom Brady to address Deflate Gate publicly, I have to imagine Foot Locker would be very low on the list. They might not have even been on the list, but here they are, getting Brady to address the controversy front and center in a new commercial. I honestly love everything about this. Brady is notoriously secretive, so for him to go out and do this means this entire thing was eating away at him more than we knew. Secondly, good for Tom Brady. The NFL is so up it’s own ass about everything it does that it deserves to get called out from time to time. In the end, deflate gate is going to hurt the NFL a lot more than it’s going to hurt Tom Brady. Anybody with half a brain already knows that Brady is the greatest (or second greatest) QB of all time, and the only people who use deflate gate against him are sore losers or former players who wish they were half as good as he is. The NFL, on the other hand, lost one of it’s great ambassadors for the game, at a time when everything around them is crumbling, including TV ratings. Brady 100 – NFL 0.


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