My Favorite Sketch From Lin Manuel-Miranda’s #SNL: Stranger Things

If you happen to be that one person who thought it was cool to not binge watch Stranger Things over the summer, you won’t understand this sketch, but for everyone else in the world, I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. This was one of those sketches that was perfectly cast, from Lucas’s parents (Kenan, Leslie Jones) to Dustin (Lin Manuel-Miranda) to Joyce (newcomer Melissa Villasenor) and finally Eleven (Kate McKinnon). I think it works so well because if you put yourself in the shoes of a parent in this situation, you’d react the same way. It’s one thing for kids to have an active imagination, but it’s another to have them actively seeking out demagogues when they’re only adult supervision is the Christmas light obsessed mother of a missing boy. This sketch worked on every level, and SNL is off to it’s best start in quite some time after two solid shows. This Saturday, the wonderful Emily Blunt hosts with Bruno Mars as the musical guest.


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