It’s Friday – See A Movie

It’s the weekend. A time for rest and relaxation. A time for movies. Here are some flicks to see this weekend.

Don’t Breathe

Whenever a movie is described as “shit-your-pants terrifying”, it’s safe to call it must-watch. For all my horror junkies out there, this is the film for you. Fede Alvarez is basically my spirit animal when it comes to horror movies. To be fair, he’s only made one other (Evil Dead [2013]), but he’s got quite the foundation for this next one. I’m excited to see it, and you should be too.

Hands of Stone

Just like how the Black Eyed Peas sold their souls to the devil for unlimited hits, I think the boxing movie genre sold its soul to make unlimited good boxing movies. Seriously, think back and try to find a boxing movie that wasn’t good (i’ll even include MMA movies). You can’t, right? Impossible. This movie came out of nowhere for me and i’m pretty hyped to see it…I’m hyped to see anything Bobby De Niro does, if we’re being honest.

Home Movie Pick – The Dark Knight

Looking to play something from your own collection? Make it The Dark Knight. I assume everyone has this on dvd or blu-ray, and if you don’t, I question you patriotism. EVERYONE should have this, and the other two movies from the trilogy, in their collection. It’s cinema at its finest.

3380824081_9bde045ff3My reasoning for why The Dark Knight is the home movie pick of the week is simple. For the most part, everything on my dvd self has been watched at least once, and in the case of Pacific Rim and Prometheus at least 15 times. So, when selecting a movie from a pile of already watched movies I use a specific method. I break down my wants and needs into 3 categories: Characters, sequences and directors.

If i’m feeling a specific character (in the case of this week’s pick it’s Heath Ledger as The Joker) I search for movies that have standout, all-time performances and select from those. Characters like The Bride from Kill Bill or James Conway from Goodfellas. If i’m feeling more a specific sequence, I gravitate towards movies with some fantastic scenes. It’s the underground bar scene in Inglorious Bastards or the car chase in The French Connection. It’s sequences that hold you at the edge of your seat. The last category, directors, is simple. Who’s style of storytelling do I want to enjoy? Do I want a good twist? Time for Shyamalan. Blood and guts? Tarantino or Marty. Do I want to laugh myself silly? Maybe I pull out a Harold Ramis classic like Analyze This. You get the picture.

However you watch this weekend, whether it be with a giant bucket of popcorn in a theater seat that smells of stale farts or in privacy of your own home with some take out Chinese food, make sure you do it with an open mind and heart. Happy viewing and be sure to tweet as us what you watched! (@AverageNobodies)

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-Matt aka TSG


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