Trailer Alert – “Don’t Breathe”

After revealing that he used 10,000 gallons of fake blood while filming the Evil Dead remake, we already know Fede Alvarez is a fucking madman. The trailer to his second movie, Don’t Breathe, is just confirmed nothing has changed with him. Don’t Breathe takes the home invasion thriller and turns it on its head, putting the homeowner in charge. Almost like Home Alone…except, Kevin is blind, has hearing like Daredevil and is a serial killer. Ok, so nothing like Home Alone.

Jane Levy is back in Fede’s second film, which is awesome. She was really phenomenal in Evil Dead and I can’t wait to see her go toe-to-toe with a murderous blind man. Haven’t seen Stephen Lang since Avatar, so that’s cool. Kind wish he gets chosen to play the Cable in the next Deadpool movie. If only because he looks just like what Cable is suppose to look like.

All-in-all this seems likes a pretty fucked up thriller…which are the best kind.

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