MattStar Review: The Jungle Book

Last weekend I headed to the “not an Alamo Drafthouse” (because all other theaters are inferior) to see The Jungle Book. To be honest, I wasn’t too hyped up to see this flick. It’s directed by my boy Jonny Favreau, but that was really my only draw to it. It was basically one of those if-i’m-ever-at-the-movies-and-my-first-choice-is-sold-out-I-will-see-it movies. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised.

Even though I watched the original like 1,000,000 times, I seem to have the worst memory ever and can’t remember a damn thing from my childhood. Is it just me, or did everyone else completely forgot what happened in the original Jungle Book movie too? I’m in the theater and I find myself leaning over to my girlfriend and asking her: “did this happen?”, “does Bagheera die?”, “why can this kid speak perfect english to the jungle animals?”, “can you pass the goobers?”. This Jungle Book was like seeing it for the first time; Sure I knew the songs, but the story was all new to me.

The CGI was stunning and most of the time I couldn’t tell between real and fake. Then I found out 99% of the movie was CGI. So apparently we can’t tell the difference between real shots and computer generated tigers…what a time to be alive!

Credit to Jon Favreau, the dude has been on fire since the 90s! And he has range like you read about: Swingers, Elf, Iron Man, Chef and now The Jungle Book? Crazy.

I give it 7.65437 MattStars (out of a perfect 10.5 MattStars)

PS- Bill Murray is just delightful as a bear…but you probably already guessed that.

PSS – ScarJo is still hot, even as a snake.


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