Trail Blazers Owner Paul Allen Had The Same Reaction As All Of Us During Steph Curry’s Record Breaking Overtime Performance

That right there is the face of someone who knows he’s about to be defeated and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. Just an unreal performance last night from Steph Curry. Coming off the bench, and playing in his first game in two weeks, he scored 40 points, including 17 in overtime, which are the most points in NBA overtime history, regular season or playoffs. What else can you say about the guy? Earlier in the day he finds out he’s going to be the MVP again, and then he goes and does this. Add in the fact that Portland controlled most of this game and the Trail Blazers crowd is a brutal crowd to play in front of, and you have one of the best performances in NBA playoff history. The NBA might not be that fun to watch in general, but if Steph Curry is playing, I will continue to go out of my way to watch him.


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