MattStar Review: Captain America Civil War

Spoilers ahead, tread lightly friends.

At this point in time just about every blog, website and YouTuber on the internet has a review for Captain America Civil War (CACW), and guess what? Here’s one more. Read it and weep superhero tears.

Coming into CACW, Captain America ruled the roost (IMO) as far as super hero movies go. The first one was a surprising masterpiece (even for an early MCU movie) and the sequel, Winter Solider, played a huge part in laying the foundation for Age of Ultron and CACW. The gray area between regulated super heroism and borderline vigilantism was born in these movies and will be felt through the third phase of the MCU.

hqdefaultMy boner for Captain America aside, I thought CACW was the BEST Marvel superhero movie to date (Yes, even better than Ben Affleck’s Daredevil). The main reason I tip my hat to this movie, over other Marvel installments, was a simple one, the chess game it played with our favorite heroes. CACW was able to play up 10+ superheroes in a manner that wasn’t overwhelming or that felt uneven. Every hero got his or her time to shine, with Capt. and Tony holding the story together. It worked brilliantly!

Ant-man, Black Panther and Spiderman (how about smoking hot Aunt May??) all were able to share the silver screen without taking away from each other or sacrifice their personalty, which are all very distinct. Like I said, a game of chess.

I was looking forward to this movie so much and it did not let me down. The MCU is in excellent shape with very exciting, new, installments coming down the pike. I give it 9.03452 MattStars (out of a perfect 10.5 MattStars)




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