Samoa Joe Beat Finn Balor For The NXT Title At A House Show In Lowell, MA Last Night

If you’re a wrestling show that is just beginning to tour around the United States, how do you drive up interest in local house shows? Have your longest reigning champion lose clean in the middle of the ring. The only thing I don’t like about this (selfishly) is that it didn’t happen tonight in Kingston, RI, because I’m going to the show. Other than that, this is awesome. Wrestling is inarguably at it’s best when it’s unpredictable, and if you follow NXT, nothing is more unpredictable than Finn Balor losing the NXT title at a house show. The positives are almost too long to list, but they include Finn being available to move up to the main roster, which has been overdue forever. Joe being the NXT champ, which is awesome, because I’ve always felt having a good heel champ is the best way to develop another killer baby face. Plus, listen to that crowd. As much as I love Balor, 2016 Samoa Joe is a god damn badass. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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