My Favorite Sketch From Peter Dinklage’s #SNL – Mafia Meeting

Peter Dinklage hosted SNL 5 WHOLE days ago, and even though I watched the whole episode Sunday morning, I haven’t gotten around to naming my favorite sketch yet. If you’ve seen the episode, and ‘Mafia Meeting’ wasn’t your favorite sketch, then we’re not on the same page. The episode as a whole was really great, and SNL continues to be at it’s best when it has a host that is fearless. They could have easily just churned out a bunch of GOT sketches, but instead put out some really funny stuff, including a pre taped ‘Naked & Afraid’ spoof with Dinklage and Leslie Jones. ‘Mafia Meeting’ gets my pick because it’s my favorite kind of SNL sketch: one that starts out with one topic (in this case, the mafia having a sit down at a late night lounge) and then have it be about something else entirely (in this case, SPACE PANTS). Dinklage nails the song and Gwen Stefani provides some nice backup vocals, and Bobby Moynihan reacting to what he’s seeing is wonderful. Space Pants forever.


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