Shane McMahon & The Undertaker Turned Up The Heat Ahead Of Their Hell in a Cell Match On Sunday

Is it weird that the match I’m worried about the least is between a guy who hasn’t fought a match in 7 years and a guy who hasn’t fought full time in almost 4 years? Well any doubts I had were alleviated in the opening segment of Raw last night, as Shane and The Undertaker beat the hell out of each other, culminating in a top rope flying elbow drop through the table by Shane. As happy as it made me to see Shane McMahon flying through the air again, last night was kind of a scary sign for WrestleMania. If they’re willing to do THAT on Raw, what the hell do they have planned for WrestleMania? Seriously. I’ve seen The Undertaker throw a guy off the top of and through Hell in a Cell. I’ve seen Shane leap from the god damn top of the Titantron. They may agree to whatever they have to agree to backstage, but these are two insane, seasoned performers who pride themselves on giving the audience something special. I don’t know what that something special is going to be, but I can guarantee you it’s going to blow us away.



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