The Houston Rockets Have Taken Drastic Measures To Ensure Their Opponents Miss A Free Throw

This is kind of odd. First of all, they’re the Houston Rockets. Is that green bear supposed to be a rocket? You’re a multi million dollar professional sports franchise. You can’t get somebody to dress up like a rocket? That’d be way more intimidating than a smiling bear wearing a basketball jersey. Maybe attach some actual fireworks to him to make everyone feel uneasy at all times. What I’m trying to say is that anything is better than a smiling bear. Now, onto the green man popping out of a trashcan. What the hell was that? I just have so many questions. Why is he painted green? Why does he have popcorn on his head? How long has he been in that trash can? There is literally no part of this that makes any sense, and the best part of this video is the Jazz player sinking the free throw. Hey Houston, if you want the opposing team to miss a free throw, have Dwight Howard give them some pre-game pointers.



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