Mick Foley Showed Up On #RAW To Gift Dean Ambrose An Old Friend For His Street Fight Vs. Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose is in for the literal fight of his life at WrestleMania. He’ll be fighting Brock Lesnar, but not just in any old wrestling match; he’ll be fighting Brock Lesnar in a no holds barred street fight. If that sounds psychotic, that’s because it is. A street fight evens the odds for a lot of guys, or in someone like Mick Foley’s case, turns the odds in his favor. When he met then WWE Champion HHH in a street fight at Royal Rumble 2000 as Cactus Jack, it seemed to help Foley more than HHH. Hunter was the champ and was beating everyone in his path, but throwing the rules out the window adds a certain instability to a match that could really affect the outcome. Unfortunately for Ambrose, adding this stipulation might do him more harm than good. The only thing scarier than fighting Brock Lesnar is fighting Brock Lesnar with a chair, or stairs, or a kendo stick, or whatever other deranged weapon he can find and LEGALLY use. While Lesnar is getting ready to maul Ambrose, Mick Foley showed up with some words of advice and a late Christmas present last night on Raw: a barb wired baseball bat. Will this even the odds for Ambrose, or will Lesnar rip the bats from his hands and perform a live version of Negan and Glenn in Dallas? WM is the same night as The Walking Dead finale, so don’t rule anything out.


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