My Favorite Sketch From Ariana Grande’s #SNL: Tidal

Who would’ve thought Jonah Hill’s SNL would kind of stink and that Ariana Grande’s would be so pleasantly wonderful? Well that’s exactly what happened, as Grande turned in one of the better host/musical guest performances in recent memory. She was a child TV star before she became a pop singer, but that doesn’t always translate into a good SNL host. Grande put those fears aside from the very beginning, and I think it helped that it was a very music heavy episode. Of all the musical sketches, the Tidal one was my favorite. SNL did pretty much the exact same thing a few years ago with Bruno Mars and Pandora, and it’s just as effective here thanks to their host’s musical abilities. Grande does a great Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, and even busts out a mumbling Rihanna. While I had my reservations about Grande hosting on Saturday afternoon, by Sunday morning, I was ready for more.


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