Insane Instagram Comments – @NiykeeHeaton


Oh no. For woman like Niykee Heaton, social media must be an awful place. She’s undoubtedly beautiful and talented, and has a plethora of wonderful photos all over Instagram. But she must know that every time she puts up a picture, comments are going to come flooding in like a river full of shit. Case in point – Niykee posts a picture of herself in a shirt with a quote on it and beezeyf decides that NOW is a good time let her know that he would spit on her. Not that he’s going to spit on her. Just needed to let her know that she is spitting material. Now I know we live in a demented society, but I can’t imagine this pick up line has ever worked. It’s just such an aggressive stance. Long gone are the days of ‘I’d like to take you out for a nice soda’. Now we’re jumping straight to being spit on.


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