Take 20 Minutes Out Of Your Day & Watch John Oliver Talk About Donald Trump

John Oliver might be the best kept secret in late night television. He’s on HBO and his show only airs once a week, so he’s not talked about in the same breath as Fallon, Meyers, Kimmel, Conan or Corden. But any time a big issue pops up, he’s usually one of the smartest and most level headed voices we have on television. Oliver decided at the beginning of Trump’s campaign that he would not comment on the subject, because he didn’t want to give more TV time to what has become more of a spectacle than a campaign. But now that Trump is running away with the Republican nomination, Oliver felt he had to comment, and comment he did. Now I don’t care if you love Trump or you hate Trump, the following is an almost 22 minute video of straight up facts delivered by one of the best talk show hosts on the planet. Maybe it will sway your vote and maybe it won’t, but it should absolutely make you think.


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