I Dare You Not To Smile While Watching This Video Of Bayley & Finn Balor Recreating Dirty Dancing

There’s nothing I love more than wrestlers getting a chance to be themselves and go off script. If a murderer had my grandma tied up and said that I could save her but if I did wrestlers would no longer get to let loose, I’d kiss my grandma goodbye while she confusingly looks on. Anyways…the video above is wonderful, and it shows you how much fun the men and women in NXT have. Everywhere they go, they’re welcomed with open arms and sold out crowds, and after the show’s over they continue to entertain the crowd any way they can. How are you supposed to root against Finn Balor or Bayley after watching this video? It’s impossible.



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  1. Anybody know if these two are a real-life couple? Their chemistry is amazing.


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