The Godfather, The Wrestling Pimp, Is Going To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

What a time to be alive. The Godfather, the same guy who would offer his ‘hoes’ to other wrestlers like Vader in exchange for a win, is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s surprising but at the same time not surprising at all. The WWE LOVES the Attitude Era. It’s the reason they’re still a successful company today. I’m surprised every single roster member from that era isn’t already in the Hall of Fame, but I’m assuming that’s coming eventually. As far as The Godfather goes, it’s my second favorite gimmick Charles Wright performed (Papa Shango is #1) and I’m not really someone who should be arguing for or against someone making a fictional Hall of Fame. As long as there’s a ho train at the induction ceremony, I’ll be a happy man.


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  1. You know, I guess I’m just a little strange, but what’s wrong with inducting a wrestler by his real name? When Razor Ramon was inducted, everyone knew it was Scott Hall they were honoring. Everyone knows Sting’s going in; is it too hard to induct him in as Steve Borden? And as for the Godfather/Kama/ Goodfather, how about we just let him go in as Charles Wright? Most smarks know the wrestlers’ real names now thank to the internet, so just do it that way and be done with it. Oh, rant over, I’m gonna go drink a beer and eat some Cocoa Puffs.

    • I know in Scott Hall’s case they inducted Razor so that way they could induct ‘Scott Hall’ when they eventually do the NWO. In Godfather’s case, it might leave it open to induct Papa Shango or something.

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