A Guy Who Lost His Wallet In NY Recieved The Most Honest Note Possible When It Was Returned

SkoochOne Lower East Side man received what some have called “the most New York note imaginable” after losing his wallet at a concert.

Reilly Flaherty found out after a Wilco concert at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn earlier this month that his personal effects were missing, and later got a letter that was a metropolitan mixture of brash, surprising, honest and mean


It’s tough to be mad at this good Samaritan. He or she went out of their way to return some of the items to this guy, and kept the things that would be useful to them. If you can’t sympathize with a guy or a girl who need some extra cash to buy weed, doesn’t feel like paying for the Metro and enjoys nice wallets, then I don’t know what to say to you. Credit cards are the birds, and what’re you going to do with another person’s license anyway? I couldn’t love this style more if I did it myself, and now I have a blueprint for the next time I find a missing wallet at a concert.


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  1. Can’t symaphiaze with a thief.

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