Starting February 23rd, Burger King Will Serve Hot Dogs & I Will Eat Them

Game ChangerBurger King unveiled two versions of the item — a classic and a chili-cheese dog — at a private event Tuesday. One executive called the hot dog the biggest launch since 1970s, when the company introduced its chicken sandwich. The “Grilled Dog” will be available starting February 23rd.

“We’ve worked to bring guests a hot dog that tastes like backyard barbeque,” said Alex Macedo who leads the company’s unit in North America.

Burger King started experimenting with hot dogs in five cities last year, and decided to go nationwide after those sales exceeded targets, said Macedo, who declined to provide additional details. Settling on standard toppings for the classic dog presented a challenge because of local and regional preferences. Burger King ultimately decided on relish, chopped onions, mustard and ketchup.

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The only thing better than eating a hot dog is eating a hot dog that someone else has made for you. That’s the beauty of fast food in general, but that never translated to hot dogs. I guess Spike’s would be the closest thing, but you don’t go to Spikes for a regular ballpark frank. Now that Burger King has changed the game and added hot dogs to their menu, it looks like hot dog lovers will finally get their chance to experience lightning fast hot dogs. The chopped onions are a bold choice for a topping, but I’ll gladly take any combo of ketchup, mustard and relish and enjoy hot dog heaven.


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