Last night’s Royal Rumble had a lot of exciting stuff, and was leaps and bounds better than the last two years. I think the wrestling world is in agreement that the hands down biggest moment of the night was the debut of AJ Style as the third entrant in the Royal Rumble. Reigns and Rusev started the Rumble, and Reigns kind of shockingly eliminated Rusev right away. My disappointment turned into elation when the #3’s entrance music hit though, and out walked AJ Styles. I think my favorite thing about the Rumble match itself is how many feuds it set up, which is exactly what the match should be about. You have AJ Styles debut, and although he’s not going to win and become the champion, he looks great and gets eliminated by the only guy the crowds not going to boo, Kevin Owens. Now AJ has a legitimate reason to dislike Owens, and Owens has a fresh new baby face to feud with after he lost to Ambrose earlier in the night. The Wyatt’s/Lesnar feud also got furthered, as Lesnar mauled the Wyatt Family but was ultimately eliminated by them. And now the Championship scene sees HHH on top and Roman Reigns chasing the League of Nations and The Authority. That’s how the Rumble should be booked, and now we have at least 3 money feuds to get WrestleMania season started. Now we just need Enzo and Cass to debut on Raw and start feuding with the New Day. MAKE THAT HAPPEN WWE.


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