April 24th Is The Day The Internet Will Be Broken Due To Irrational Rage #GameofThrones

I hate you

HBO has finally announced the season premiere dates for Veep, Silicon Valley & everyone’s favorite reason to be mad a TV show, Game of Thrones, and now we know the day the internet will go up in flames. Every time something happens that fans don’t like on GOT you’d think Georgie boy and the show runners burned everyone’s houses down. I get it in a way. I love getting irrationally mad. It’s better than being mad at something important, like having no money or your house burning down. But after like 30 seconds I’m over it and back to watching something else. Take the LOST finale. People LOST their shit (get it) over the way the show ended. Was it perfect? No. Was it good? No. Could you, me or anyone make anything even remotely close to that show? No. So you take the good with the bad, and hope the writers and creators win the next one. The big story for GOT is the fate of Jon Snow. While he’s been seen on set all winter long, I think it’s a clever ploy by HBO, as was this picture. GOT is a fantasy show with white walkers and paralyzed kids who can see the past and the future. Just because a guy who might be dead is seen on set doesn’t mean he’s coming back to the show the way we want him to. My bet is on Jon Snow appearing this year in flashbacks, and that we won’t find out his fate until next season, or possibly this season’s finale. Until then, let the rage fester.


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