The #NXTTakeover London Crowd Chanted A Remixed “Hey! Baby” For Bayley Last Night

There’s no official video of this chant yet, but I need there to  be because the look on Bayley’s face when the crowd was chanting this was adorable. From a crowd standpoint, this was my favorite chant of the night, with every Enzo Amore chant slightly behind it. From a pro wrestling standpoint? Everything. I loved everything. From Asuka dismantling Emma to Finn Balor turning to a Jack The Ripper version of The Demon to beat Samoa Joe, NXT Takeover London was everything I wanted it to be more. Pro wrestling is the absolute best when a promotion sets up these great stories and you have faith in them to finish the job on the big shows. Bravo to all involved. NXT Dallas is going to be bananas.


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