Roman Reigns Is Your New WWE Champion & #RAW Finally Had Some Life Injected Into It Last Night

If you ever need proof that when WWE builds something right it almost always works, check out the main event of last night’s Raw. The story here is Roman Reigns is sick and tired of winning the big one only to have it taken away, whether it be by Seth Rollins, Sheamus or some other member of the Authority. It’s legal to cash in your MITB briefcase, but to have it happen twice to you in a span of 7 months is borderline upsetting. Reigns got fed up with the cash-ins and the interference and snapped Sunday night, destroying HHH and ‘sending him to the hospital’. This prompted the return of Mr. McMahon to Raw, the WWE’s equivalent of putting a band aid on a broken leg, except this time it worked.

McMahon came out mid show and gave Reigns a rematch for the title, with one stipulation: if he doesn’t win the title, he’s fired. McMahon then proceeded to sit ringside during the title match, even costing Reigns an obvious win when he pulled the referee out of the ring. Add in interference from Rusev and Del Rio, and it looked like another failed attempt at glory for Reigns. But he kept fighting, bled a little, and Superman punched everyone in his path, including Mr. McMahon. He stood tall as the new WWE Champion to close the show, and the same Philadelphia crowd that booed him out of the building 11 months earlier was going ape shit for him. That’s what happens when you do things right, WWE. How long Reigns remains the champ is anyone’s guess, but last night was a giant step in the right direction for a major player in WWE’s future.


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  1. bravos roman pour ton combat et ta belle victoire contre le fameux coq de DUBLIN la laideur de la wwe avec tous ces traite que sont BEL RIO ? et ce fou de RUSEV pauvre cocu avec ZIGGLER PAUVRE WWE


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