Fans Of ‘The Leftovers’ Are Dressing Up As The Guilty Remnant Outside HBO’s HQ & Asking Them To Renew The Show

Anyone who watched this season of ‘The Leftovers’, Damon Lindelof’s magnificent series chronicling the world’s response to a catastrophic event, is going to enjoy this post.  ‘The Leftovers’ season 2 was easily one of the best seasons of television in a long time, and as of now, HBO has yet to renew the show due to it’s low ratings. Fans of the show are now taking matters into their own hands, as they dressed up as the Guilty Remnant and wrote ‘RENEW’ on their note pads outside of HBO headquarters in NY, hoping to catch the eye of HBO decision makers before it becomes too late. As a big fan of the show, this is awesome, and I sincerely HBO renews it for a third season, because I need more Kevin Garvey in my life.


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