Alamo Drafthouse is Doing The Ultimate Star Wars Marathon/Contest


Consider yourself a big Star Wars fan? Seen all six movies so many times you can quote them word-for-word? Have an iron bladder the size of a Death Star? Well then has Alamo Drafthouse got a challenge for you. The movie house is setting up an endurance-testing challenge to find themselves the ultimate Star Wars fan with their new event, Star Wars: The Marathon Awakens.

The challenge invites all fans over the age of 21 to watch every Star Wars movie again and again and again (and again!) until one single, solitary fan is left. Starting at 4:45am on December 17th, fans will watch a marathon of the first six Star Wars films, in episodic order, with minimal pee breaks between each film. When the mid-day embargo on Episode VII—The Force Awakenslifts, participants will be among the first fans in the world to see the film (before likely watching it several times over in order to win the title). Participants in the contest will be allowed bathroom breaks between each screening, but other than that they are not allowed to leave the theater. Cellphone use, falling asleep, or using any sort of illegal substance to keep them awake will also result in a disqualification. Luckily, Alamo offers in-theater food and beverage service, so fans will not have to starve themselves to win.

The last fan to remain in the theater will win a seven-year free movie pass to any Alamo Drafthouse theater in the country, a set of Topps Star Wars Cards for the Card Reader app, a selection of Star Wars Mondo poster prints, and a theater seat named in their honor. Yes, this will include a naming ceremony that they will attend.

In order to be selected to participate, fans must post a photo to Instagram proving why they should be considered. The photo must be posted before 11:59pm CT on Thursday, December 10th, and must tag both @drafthouse and #alamojedi to be considered eligible.

For more on the full set of rules and regulations, head over to the official page from Alamo Drafthouse. Let us know if you plan to enter in the comments below, and may The Force be with those who take this challenge.

Going to any Alamo Drafthouse (preferably the Austin one) is the BEST way to watch a movie. The theaters are drenched in movie lore, they serve booze and food (to your seat) and they play some of the best new and old school movies. It makes complete sense that they would do something like this. Do I think I could survive until the end? Yeah I could, I most definitely could. Plop me down in front of a movie(s) (especially ones that I love), feed me delicious food and promise me something awesome like having a seat named after me and you’ve got the recipe of a champion. Alamo, while I don’t think I can enter this contest due to prior engagements (work), I will see you in March for SXSW 2016 and I cannot wait.


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