Trailer Alert – Batman V Superman 3rd Trailer [MEGA SPOILERS]

Don’t watch this trailer if you want to leave some important plot points for the day you see it. If you don’t care about shit like that, and you are going to see the movie 5 times in theaters anyway, then go ahead and watch.


Let’s talk…I’m not even going to touch on the obvious here – Doomsday, General Zod’s body, Wonder woman? Not here for that, let’s talk about Lex Luthor. Being a child of superman TV shows and comics I know Lex Luthor as being this massive dude with an equally massive brain (please leave out Kevin Spacey in this conversation, that movie didn’t happen). Here I see this scrawny, spaghetti haired (probably a wig) dude/kid who gives off a serious wildcard vibe. I LOVE it. I cannot wait to see this movie. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Finally someone who agrees with me on Lex! To me it seems as though while he is a bit overzealous, that it’s more of an act so that people believe him to be just a non threatening weirdo, when actually it’s to hide the fact that he is a super genius madman.

    • Yeah man, totally agree! Can’t wait see what Eisenberg is going to bring to the character! I bet he channels his inner Mark Zucks–dude was intense in “The Social Network”.

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