Nickelodeon Releases the Full List of Shows Returning for the all 90s Channel, The Splat –– Nostalgia Engaged

Before we get to the full list of 1990s goodness, here is how you can watch. Starting October 5th ‘The Splat” will be airing from 10pm to 6am. Nickelodeon knows their target audience, and they look something like this….


Now what you’ve been waiting for…Here’s the full list of returning shows!

  1. All That


5 minutes! You’ve got 5 minutes!

2. Angry Beavers


I wanted to live in their house so DAM bad. huh? Get it?

3. Clarissa Explains it All


Chick show, but I liked it.

4. Are You Afraid of the Dark


Scared the shit our of me

5. CatDog


Scared the shit out of me more than the last one. Something very unnerving about a Cat attached to a Dog.

6. Hey, Arnold


Hey, football head! This show I could really relate to because I too had a gum shrine to someone…It was Bill Paxton.

7. Hey Dude


Honestly don’t remember much from this show.

8. Kenan and Kel


Comedic duo perfection.

9. Legends of the Hidden Temple


If you put me in the temple now, i’d dominate from the years of studying it’s halls…or I’d be winded after the first room.

10. The Ren and Stimpy Show


So gross, but you couldn’t look away. Also my first comic book experience.

11. Rugrats


Give it up to Stu Pickles for living the American dream as a horrible inventor.

12. Salute Your Shorts


What camp was supposed to be like.

13. The Wild Thornberrys


What I thought 3rd world countries were like. P.S. This might have ignited my love for RVs.

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