This Mario Maker Level Took 11,000 Tries to Complete

Let me start by saying I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of Mario Maker. That game is so classic Nintendo it hurts. This is the type of stuff Nintendo does so well year in and year out.

Now let me move onto this devil of a level (hey now rhyming). I’m pretty sure if you turn the clocks back to my 5th birthday, where I received my first video game system, the SNES, and you put this level in front of me I probably would have slammed my head through the TV on try 3. I am not usually super competitive when it comes to video games. I like playing them, but for me it’s just about having fun….except for Mario games. Mario games bring the absolute worst out of me and they frustrate me to my core, even today! I still want to slam my head through a wall when playing the third world in Super Mario 3. But I digress.  I wouldn’t even know what to do at the first landing of this level. I got to give props where props are due.


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