“Its The Return Of The, Oh Wait, No Way, You’re Kidding. He Didn’t Just Say What I Think He Did, Did He?” Steely Phil’s Music Post

I was watching the Tv the other day and I saw a Charlie Sheen on it, and  I thought to myself; how can this guy bang as many chicks as he did, and do as much coke as he did, and still be successful?I pondered this question for many minutes, hours even, and I came to this conclusion.  You don’t have to play an instrument to be a rock star, or in this case; a Charlie Sheen.  He has taught me that all you really have to do is be a train-wreck your whole life and you will get fame, fortune, drugs, women, and if your lucky; depression.  So in honor of the Charles Sheen, my song selection this week is a song you might kick off a weekend-long coke bender to.

P.S. Eddy Vedder once called me on stage at a concert to play guitar and invited me to play their set with them the next day.

P.S. That was a lie, I can’t play any instruments, my motor skills are terrible.  Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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