Carlos Hyde & The 49ers Spun Their Way To An Impressive Victory Over The Vikings Last Night

The 49ers have not had a great offseason. Players retired, were traded or straight up released, and if it wasn’t a career threatening injury sidelining a key player, it was a bonehead move in their personal life. It remains to be seen what kind of team the 49ers will be this season, but if last night is any indicator, they’re going to play hard for 60 minutes, and that’s all you can really ask. While the defense shut down Teddy, AP and the rest of the Vikings offense, the night belonged to Carlos Hyde. With Reggie Bush already sidelined after only two carries, Hyde took over the game. He bulled people over when he had to, but by far the prettiest play of the night came on his first touchdown run. Hyde took the handoff from Kaep and started towards the right sideline. When that was shut off, he spun around a defender and headed toward the left sideline, scoring his first of what are hopefully many TD’s this season. It’s virtually impossible to have the personnel/coaching turnover the 9ers had this offseason and not be a different team, but it’s tough to not love what you saw last night. They travel to Pittsburgh next week, and if they can put the same amount of pressure on Big Ben, I like their chances.


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