WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka Has Been Charged With The Murder of His Girlfriend From 1983

WWEHigh-flying wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka got pinned one last time Tuesday — with a 32-year-old murder rap.

The Fiji-born WWE Hall of Famer was jailed on $100,000 bail in Lehigh, Pa. – a stunning fall from grace – in the 1983 death of girlfriend Nancy Argentino, 23, of Brooklyn.

“We never found justice in all this time, but it’s better late than never,” the victim’s sister, Lorraine Salome, 60, told the Daily News.

Prosecutors say Snuka fractured the slender Argentino’s skull during a day of abuse, then failed to call for help for at least 12 hours — and perhaps a full day.

Snuka was arrested four months before that for dragging Argentino by her hair down the hallway of an upstate New York hotel. In that incident near Syracuse, it took sheriff’s deputies and two dogs to get the wrestler under control.

“The next time the violence happened, it was too late,” Salome said at her Brooklyn home. “She was gone and everybody was in shock.”

The sister hopes the accused killer never gets a day’s rest.

It’s been a tough summer if you’re a WWE Hall of Famer and it’s one of the more bizarre summers I can imagine as a wrestling fan. Coming out of WrestleMania 31, WWE was literally on an all time high. They put on one of the best shows ever, the WWE Network numbers were sky rocketing and NXT was taking over the world. Now we’re in September, and between the untimely deaths of Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes and the racism/murder scandals of Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Snuka, it’s a really weird time to be a wrestling fan. Of course the Snuka murder is something that has been speculated on for decades. His girlfriend died under mysterious circumstances back in 1983, and he was the only one who had been with her that night. He was somehow never charged, but now it looks like his past has caught up with him. You’re innocent until proven guilty, but whenever you’re arrested 32 years after a murder, it’s usually because they have some kind of evidence on you. Let’s try and keep pro wrestling out of the headlines for awhile, OK guys?


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