Trailer Alert: Concussion

The first full length trailer for ‘Concussion’ is here, and I gotta say, this looks awesome. Will Smith is the lead, and it’s nice to see him back doing some solid drama work. The guy is just so talented, and when he really sinks his teeth into a role, which it looks like he has here, he’s almost unmatched. Of course the plot of this movie is the real story, as is the real life correlation between brain injuries and the NFL. There are already reports of the NFL going into ‘damage control’ mode, and you can see why. As much as I love football, it’s leadership has been questionable at best for a long time, and it’s clear that the people in power care more about profit than the well being of the individuals that make them that same money. The optimistic side of this is that the movie reignites the concussion discussion in football and sparks some real change, but as long as Roger Goodell is in charge, I doubt much will change. From a movie standpoint, Concussion joins The Revenant and Hateful Eight (both limited releases) as Christmas Day debuts. That’s a murderous lineup.


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