Ryan’s Gossip Circle: Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Are Best Friends & I’m Green With Jealous Rage

Ever since I watched Silver Linings Playbook for the 1000th time, I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s talented, hot, and seems pretty down to earth. Maybe it’s all an act, but who cares. If I was a multi millionaire celebrity at TWENTY FOUR I’d probably be the biggest asshole in the world. I’d be Shia LaBeouf. Instead, she handles all the insanity with class and just keeps doing her thing. Same thing goes for Amy Schumer. She’s the star of her own sketch TV show and she just wrote and starred in her own movie (Trainwreck) which was absolutely hysterical. She’s on the top of the world, but she doesn’t give a shit about all that fame stuff either. She just wants to red jet ski’s with her maniac friend Jennifer Lawrence. While I’m eating under cooked steak tonight with 50 other guys, they’re both living the dream. God damn it am I jealous.

– Ryan

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