John Cena’s ‘My Wish’ Segment On ESPN Last Night Is Your Daily Reminder That John Cena Is An Awesome Human Being

John Cena the wrestler can insufferable pretty much all of the time. Just this past Sunday he defeated Kevin Owens (again) for seemingly no reason. A win for Owens would’ve meant the world while a win for Cena literally means nothing. With that said, John Cena the human being seems like a pretty outstanding guy. He has granted the most celebrity wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation, and it doesn’t seem like he plans on stopping anytime soon. This aired on ESPN last night as part of their ‘My Wish’ series, and it’s just awesome. Anything that makes the lives of kids like KJ easier is cool in my book. That this one features wrestlers in a positive light helping out sick kids makes it that much better.

– Ryan

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