DeAndre Jordan Is Public Enemy Number One

Loser – DeAndre Jordan, after verbally agreeing to a four-year max deal with the Dallas Mavericks last week, has made an about-face, re-signing with the Los Angeles Clippers in a deal ESPN sources say was completed Thursday morning shortly after midnight ET at his house in Houston.

The contract with the Clippers also is a four-year max deal that will be worth an estimated $88 million, sources told ESPN. Jordan can opt out after three year.

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DeAndre Jordan might be the biggest dickbag in sports. This definitely stings a little because I’m a Mavs fan, but what kind of grown man needs other grown men to stay at his house just to make sure he signs a contract with your team? Is DeAndre that much of an asshole that grown ups literally needed to stay at his house and guide his hand across the contract to make sure he stayed a Clipper? I’ve honestly never seen anything like this in my life. First off, he verbally agreed to be a Maverick. They agreed on contract details, DeAndre even came out and said Chris Paul was too demeaning on the court, and that was that. So usually when you agree to a contract, that means you AGREE TO A CONTRACT. Since the Mavs now had the best defensive center in basketball, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to try and sign another center. So the rest of the centers on the free agent market came and went, and today was to be the day that all the free agents that verbally agreed to contracts. While every other player who verbally committed didn’t pussy out, DeAndre Jordan decided he might want to change his mind. Now, if he called Mark Cuban, told him he made a mistake and signed with the Clippers, this wouldn’t be a big deal. It would suck, yes, but he handled it like a man and changed his mind. End of story. Instead, he ignores the Mavs and Mark Cuban, refuses to answer their calls, and signs with the Clippers. I’m not going to be a psycho and hope the guy gets injured, but I hope anyone who watches sports lost all respect for this guy. Burn in hell, DeAndre Jordan.

– Ryan

P.S. How does this guy still have a job?

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