Finn Balor Is Your New NXT Heavyweight Champion #BeastInTheEast #WWE #NXT

The highlight of WWE’s live special from Tokyo was Finn Balor returning to Japan and winning the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens. I had a feeling it was coming, especially after the three part video series on Finn’s life and career, but that didn’t make the moment any less special. Balor is a otherworldly performer (as is Owens) and their match was great. From the flower ceremony at the beginning to Owens simultaneously beating up Balor and taunting Cena to Balor finally winning with the coup de gras, the NXT title match lived up to the hype and more. Hopefully this loss moves Owens up to the main roster for good, and Balor shouldn’t be far behind. Once Zayn and Itami return from injuries, Balor should be the next call up, and the future of the WWE will be in full gear.

– Ryan

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