I Dare You To Root Against Finn Balor After Watching WWE’s Three Part Story On His Life & Career

These aren’t the full videos, but if you have the WWE Network, go back and watch the last three NXT’s and find these videos. Finn Balor, formerly Fergal/Prince Devitt, is the future of the WWE, but everyone has a back story. Balor started wrestling in front of only a few people on the independents, opened a wrestling school giving other Irish kids a chance to be wrestlers (including NXT’s Becky Lynch), became a cult hero in NJPW and eventually ended up in NXT. Everyone who has spent any time with him seems to genuinely like him, and his in ring work and character development speak for themselves. Beyond basic wrestling jargon of Balor being the good guy and Owens being the bad guy, I really hope Balor wins the title in Japan. It’d be a special moment for he and the fans, and the NXT title would be in great hands going forward.

– Ryan

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