New Laker Larry Nance Jr. Should Have A Hell Of A First Meeting With New Teammate Kobe Bryant


Oh social media, how I love thee. So the LA Lakers drafted Larry Nance Jr. in last night’s draft and of course the internet sprung into action to see if they could dig up any dirt on him. Turns out it didn’t take too much effort, as back in 2012 Nance made one of those hysterical rape jokes you hear all the kids talking about nowadays. If this was any other player, I’d say it wouldn’t be too big of a deal. They’d meet up in private, hash things out and move on. But this is Kobe Bryant. Nobody loves and respects Kobe Bryant more than Kobe Bryant. He doesn’t let things go. He lets them fester and fester and eventually it motivates him to bring his game to new heights. That first practice is going to be ugly, and I hope Nance brings his big boy shoes to camp, because Kobe will be ready to battle.

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