Real Life Best Friends Tyson Kidd & Cesaro Are Literally The Best Team Ever #WWE

Tyson Kidd had major neck surgery after his in ring injury with Samoa Joe a few weeks back, and while it’s not a life threatening injury, he will be out of action for at least 14 months. The injury comes at an especially tough time, since Kidd and his tag team partner Cesaro (Best Team Ever) were on a roll as of late. They won the tag team titles, which they eventually lost to New Day, but for the last few months they were the most exciting team on WWE TV. While the injury was definitely a downer, Kidd’s tag team partner and real life best friend Cesaro was there to cheer him up after surgery. I don’t know where the surgery took place, but I do know the schedule these wrestlers are on, so for Cesaro to take time to go and visit Tyson is pretty awesome. Hopefully Kidd has a successful recovery and we the BTE in action again one day.

– Ryan

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  1. Put this on twitter like this: Real life #bestfriends @kiddwwe and @cesarowwe are the #best. #wwe … They will probably retweet and that’s how i would market posts on twitter

  2. Truly horrifying injury that Kidd had. I had that same surgery some years back and it took me 13 months to get full usage again. Kidd and Cesaro were really doing well too. Damned shame…

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