Wade Boggs’ Life Advice On How To Drink 100 Beers A Day Is Inspiring

Wade Boggs, hall of fame baseball player, American hero and Always Sunny guest star was interviewed by TMZ Sports about his legendary beer drinking habits. While he’s obviously joking around in this video, it did get me thinking: is it possible to drink 100 beers in a day? Say you wake up at 5am and drink for 18 hours ending at 11pm. You’d have to, on average, drink 5 and half beers an hour. For the first few hours that’s easy peezy. After that though, you’d probably die, which would hinder your ability to continue drinking. Although if Boggs’ theory of letting the beer flow into his hollow leg is correct, I bet Officer Bennett from OITNB would be a hell of a dodge beer player.

– Ryan

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