Game Of Thrones Has A Monopoly Game Now So You Can Cry Yourself To Sleep Year Round

Game of Thrones has a lot of balls coming out with a monopoly game after the shit they pulled in the season 5 season finale. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I am NOT happy. Anyway, this could be cool. Monopoly is one of those games that I’ve just learned to hate as I’ve gotten older. It takes so long to play, and the longer you’re playing the more pointless you realize the whole game is. I’m sure Game of Thrones added a few wrinkles to make sure you’re super depressed while playing too. Maybe instead of passing GO you have to watch your mother get stabbed or something. There’s no ‘Park Place’; you just die. Either way, I’m sure that they will sell a million games and George Rail Road Martin’s chuckle will continue to make children have night terrors.

– Ryan

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