Kevin Owens Power Bombed Machine Gun Kelly Off The #RAW Stage, Is Now My Spirit Animal

This is nothing against Machine Gun Kelly. He’s the man for allowing himself to be thrown off a stage (although if he’s a wrestling fan, this was probably a dream come true) but it’s about time a wrestler was the focal point of an angle with a musician coming on a wrestling show. There’s an unwritten theory that when guys like Flo-Rida or Florida Georgia Line came on Raw, they were not only the focal point, but they beat up a wrestler. The next week on Raw the musical act isn’t there but now we’re supposed to believe that wrestler that got bested by a musician is all of a sudden someone we should care about. Well Kevin Owens took that theory and power bombed it off the god damn stage. I can’t remember the last time the WWE had a character like Owens, but he’s one of the few guys that can take his character and adapt into the PG WWE Universe. Playing a guy like Owens in the Attitude Era would have been a piece of cake because there were no rules, but playing it in 2015 takes a special talent, and that’s what Owens is.

– Ryan

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