‘Jurassic World’ Just Scored The Biggest Opening Weekend Box Office In Movie History

ROAR Jurassic World” now holds the record for the biggest opening in movie history.

After the final numbers were tallied, the dinosaur thriller inched past “Marvel’s the Avengers” to become top dog on the all-time list, with a U.S. debut of $208.8 million. The superhero blockbuster was the previous record holder with a $207.4 million bow. It also topped “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2″ and its $314 million opening to set a new benchmark for an overseas launch with $315.6 million.

Universal, the studio behind the film, initially estimated that “Jurassic World” would open to $204.6 million domestically, but the blockbuster had a stronger than anticipated Sunday.

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Have yourself a weekend, Jurassic World. How stupid does Universal feel right now? Estimating $204.6 million. Uh news flash, you were $4.2 million off. Maybe do better next time. These are obviously supernatural numbers, and I’m glad that Jurassic World was the movie to do this. On top of having America’s sweetheart Chris Pratt as it’s lead, it’s nice to see a non superhero movie get some loving. The Avengers or Iron Man or the upcoming Batman vs. Superman are almost cheat codes at this point. You know they’re going to open up at worst $100 million or more. But Jurassic World was an sequel to a 20 year old movie that definitely had some nostalgia value, but I can’t imagine anyone thought it would break records. Good for Chris Pratt, good for Jurassic World, and good for the dinosaurs. They’ve had a rough million or so years, they deserved this one.

– Ryan


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