Dean Ambrose Spoke To The Crowd After His Loss To Seth Rollins at #WWE Money In The Bank

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins main evented another WWE pay per view, and they delivered in every aspect of the word. It was a great, hard fought match that Rollins ended up winning. This most likely sets up a returning Lesnar feud over the summer for Rollins, but where does Ambrose go from here? He’s clearly one of the more popular guys on the roster, but he’s starting to develop a knack of losing big time matches. Rollins continues to best him when the stakes are high, so maybe it’s time for Dean to take a step back and figure out how to reach that next step. Ambrose addresses the disappointment of losing the match and where he’s going from here in an emotional post MITB promo. Thankfully has already posted it, and if you like heartfelt promos, this one is for you.

– Ryan

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