Cleveland Weatherman Mark Johnson Took The Cavs Game 4 Loss In Stride. JK He Brought A Weed-Whacker Live On Air

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost game four of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors last night and Cleveland weatherman/insane person Mark Johnson had an understandable reaction. By understandable, I mean deranged. He brought out a weed whacker and cut a piece of paper, which I guess signifies the Warriors getting away with fouls? His next act was legitimately funny, as he advised viewers that JR Smith and Iman Shumpert hit four more shots combined than he had tonight, and then picked up a cinderblock which I’m assuming he thought was a brick. If this is his reaction to a game four loss, I’m kind of scared for the people of Cleveland if the Cavs lose this series.

– Ryan

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