Cue The Music: Blosom, The World’s Tallest Cow, Has Passed Away

CowThe world’s tallest cow has died on a farm in northern Illinois after holding the record for less than a year.

Pat Hanson tells The (Freeport) Journal-Standard that her 6-foot-4 Holstein, called Blosom, died May 26 on her farm near Orangeville, just south of the Wisconsin/Illinois border.

Hanson says she’s not sure what was wrong with Blosom, but that she had the 13-year-old Holstein put down after two veterinarians said they couldn’t save her.

Hanson says Blosom was buried in her favorite pasture, with her head facing east toward the farm.

Guinness anointed Blosom the world’s tallest cow last August.

Although she’s no longer alive, the 2,000-pound cow maintains that title and will appear in the 2016 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

Just when you think you’re having a good week and it’s Thursday and the weekend is near, Blosom the world’s tallest cow dies and now my entire life is in a tailspin. I think Michael Scott said it best: I feel like someone took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears. Blosom had so much more life to live, but at least she got to be buried where she always wanted, in her favorite pasture, with her head facing east toward the farm. I know that’s how I want to go out. Also, a 6’4 cow is a big ass cow. Hit the music!

– Ryan

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